MDS 3.0 RAI Manual

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CMS RAI Manual V1.12 October 2014
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI)
Chapter 2: Assessments for the Resident Assessment Instrument
Chapter 3: Overview to the Item-by-Item Guide to the MDS 3.0
Section A Identification Information
Section B Hearing, Speech, and Vision
Section C Cognitive Patterns
Section D Mood
Section E Behavior
Section F Preferences for Customary Routine and Activities
Section G Functional Status
Section H Bladder and Bowel
Section I Active Diagnoses
Section J Health Conditions
Section K Swallowing/Nutritional Status
Section L Oral/Dental Status
Section M Skin Conditions
Section N Medications
Section O Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs
Section P Restraints
Section Q Participation in Assessment and Goal Setting
Section S (Reserved)
Section V Care Area Assessment (CAA) Summary
Section X Correction Request
Section Z Assessment Administration
Chapter 4: Care Area Assessment (CAA) Process and Care Planning
Chapter 5: Submission and Correction of the MDS Assessments
Chapter 6: Medicare SNF Prospective Payment System (SNF PPS)
Appendix A: Glossary and Common Acronyms
Appendix B: State Agency and CMS Regional Office RAI/MDS Contacts 
Appendix C: Care Area Assessment (CAA) Resources 
Appendix D: Interviewing to Increase Resident Voice in MDS Assessments 
Appendix E: PHQ-9 Scoring Rules and Instruction for BIMS
Appendix F: Item Matrix
Appendix G: References 
Appendix H: MDS 3.0 Forms
Nursing Home Comprehensive Item Set
Nursing Home Discharge Item Set 
Nursing Home and Swing Bed OMRA (NO/SO) Item Set
Nursing Home OMRA-Discharge (NOD) Item Set
Nursing Home PPS (NP) Item Set
Nursing Home Quarterly (NQ) Item Set
Nursing Home and Swing Bed OMRA-Start of Therapy (NS/SS) Item Set
Nursing Home OMRA-Start of Therapy and Discharge (NSD) Item Set
Nursing Home and Swing Bed Tracking (NT/ST) Item Set
Swing Bed Discharge (SD) Item Set
Swing Bed OMRA-Discharge (SOD) Item Set
Swing Bed PPS (SP) Item Set
Swing Bed OMRA-Start of Therapy and Discharge (SSD) Item Set


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