1. Access eService

Please send an e-mail to

2. Remote Access Resources


When prompted by a support representative,
click here to access TeamViewer

Note: When directed by a representative please use the “click here” link above to receive remote support.
1.Juan 2.Charles 3.Anthony 4.Harrison 5.Grant 6.ScottH
7.Jake 8.Danny 9.Sean 10.Jean 11.Judy 12.Alexandra
13.Dio 14.Ana 15.Daniel 16.Edward 17.Haneefah 18.Tricia
19.KrisN 20.MartyC 21.WynneDee 22.Debbie 23.KimK 24.Tammie
25.Scott 26.Lisa 27.Kirby 28.Joan 29.Pavlina 30.Tina
31.Rita 32.Shannon 33.KathyH 34.Marcia 35.Lori 36.Mauricio
37.Jennifer 38.Chad 39.Lavell 40.AlexandraP 41.Jared 42.John
43.Diane 44.Amy 45.Gina 46.Doc 47.Jamey 48.Lenny
49.James 50.Margot 51.RobertM 52.Chas 53.Jamie 54.Kat
55.Kim 56.Michelle 57.Wayne 58.Arch 59.DonW 60.Alan
61.DavidL 62.DavidV 63.Derek 64.FrankM 65.Ed 66.Rodline
67.Sue 68.Gary 69.June 70.KathyM 71.Keith 72.LindaP
73.Rich 74.Rick 75.Robert 76.Rod 77.Ryan 78.Stephen
79.SteveP 80.TomD 81.Albaro 82.DebH 83.Heather 84.Jeannine
85.Kerri 86.MaryC 87.MikeM 88.NancyD 89.Pat 90.Valarie
91.Steffi 92.Veronica 93.MikeG 94.Mistee 95.Melissa 96.Francis
97.LindaM 98.Carla 99.Kevin 100.Jason 101.Rachael 102.TracyB
103.Tyler 104.Aarsheya 105.Scott 106.Lisa 107.Ari 108.Jodi
109.KimberlyH 110.Alex 111.Rafael 112.Cara 113.Vanessa 114.Tracey
115.Marian 116.Sherri 117.Teresa 118.Roger 119.Josh 120.Heidi
121.Julianna 122.Demi 123.Jo 124.Sandy 125.Leo 126.Kristen
127.Jordan 128.Jermaine 129.Khusbu 130.Tahj 131.DonF 132.JoshD
133.Ron 134.Chickie 136.TrishlaS 137.DaveK 138.MaryL 139.Claudia


When prompted by a support representative,
click here to access GoToAssist


When prompted by a support representative,
click here to access Join.Me

3. Success Center
View Quick Reference Materials and webinar recordings. Collaborate with other clients and experts.

4. Email / Phone
The recommended communication method is eService. Email can be used as backup to eService, but it is not recommended due to spam filters and for proper tracking. Also, eService communications are free and prioritized ahead of email communications.

Phone: 954.724.9809
Fax: 954.720.5978

5. 24/7 Emergency Support (Non-Operating Hours)
If the issue you are reporting is an emergency related to your organization’s operations please enter an emergency eService request and, as a backup, call our emergency hotline at 866.628.4605. (Please note, during non-operating hours the rate will be $185 per hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.) Examples of emergency issues include site-wide server / network outages and critical clinical or POS issues or outages.

Operating hours are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 8pm Eastern Time.

Providing outstanding client service is our top priority. We welcome your comments and suggestions–please feel free to contact us at any time.